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ShapeThree // Recycled Skateboards

About / $4067 Raised

Skateboarding has been my life for the past 32 years. I was fortunate enough to turn my passion as a kid into a professional career. I’ve probably gone through hundreds of boards at this point and I just couldn’t see that colorful maple sit in a dusty stack in my garage.

What started as a hobby making frames out of my friends’ broken boards has blossomed into my business that I call Shapethree. As a skateboarder, we see the world like a playground. This feeling extends into my woodworking; I look at any object and think how could I turn this into something new? How could I put our boards into this? Now I’m onto cutting boards, wind chimes, canoe paddles; my brain doesn’t stop. 

Using blockchain technology, I'm bridging these handcrafted recycled skateboard projects into my visual artworks. Most importantly, what sets my company aside from other types of woodworking, is that with each item purchased I give a percentage back into to the local skate scene where I grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts. For the younger generations of skaters, their local skatepark is a kind of home for them. It's a place that created endless opportunities for me and is where my love for all of this began. It only seemed right to give back to the place that inspired me so much.

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