As a life long skate boarder and photographer,  I wanted to find a way to intertwine the two. Recycling my used skateboards into frames for photos Ive taken, started as a hobby. I started marking them for my friends and family & It got to the point where I wanted to do something more. Thinking back all my inspiration started from skating Hadley, the local skate park in my hometown Lowell, Massachusetts. So it was then, that I decided I was going to sell the frames and give 75% of my profits to Hadley. Hadley Skatepark is a sense of home for many people, It's a place that created endless opportunities for me, along with a epic spot to skate. It only seemed right to give back to the place that inspired me so much growing up. I want to give the new generation something rad to shred. 

75% of Each sale will be donated to the skate scene of lowell Mass. Each Frame is sanded, epoxied and pieced together by me. Keep Shredding, Searching and Enjoy!

Dave Bachinsky